Medical knowledge platform for doctors and students

Our mission is to empower all doctors to provide the best possible care.
Doctors have to navigate a vast amount of medical knowledge to find the right information at the right time.

Our aim with AMBOSS is to distill this overflow of information down and make it applicable to patient care. We’re providing a digital resource for doctors to help them when making clinical decisions, and thereby improve the lives of patients.

AMBOSS provides doctors with high quality and up to date content that makes it easy to apply information to patients. Our team of in-house doctors and scientists review current research and guidelines and design it for patient care, not theoretical research. We are able to impact the care millions of patients around the world receive by empowering all doctors to provide the best possible care.

Today, AMBOSS is an established, growing company. We secured our position in the market and are supporting 2 million users in over 170 countries.

The AMBOSS values

  • We are generous team players

  • We value substance over style „Mehr Sein als Schein“
  • We are hungry for impact

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